Last Journey by FNP Unveils New Crematorium In Dwarka With New Machinery


✒️New Delhi(purogami news network)

New Delhi, 16 November 2022 | One of India’s largest tech-enabled deathcare and funeral service providers, Last Journey in association with FNP Care Charitable Trust has unveiled a state-of-the-art crematorium in Dwarka Sector 24, with the support of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) in a bid to uplift the deathcare infrastructure. The crematorium has two fully powered CNG incinerators with advanced machinery which requires less power and is x2 faster than conventional CNG furnaces. It produces up to 70% less carbon residue; thus, is a sustainable cremation alternative.

Rishabh Jalan, CEO, and Co-founder of Last Journey said, “We began with a heartfelt notion to help mourning families by taking away their hassle of organizing everything so that they can grieve in solace and have time to be with their relatives. The pandemic made us realize the need for a better healthcare system and a more standardized deathcare infrastructure. Today when India is upgrading across all sectors, funeral management has been rather stagnant. With our cremation grounds in Dwarka and Sarai Kale Khan, our goal is to ensure that bereaving families have a hassle-free experience during the most trying time.”

“The upgrades within the new cremation ground rise from a concept where mourners can bid a soothing farewell to their loved ones; it will be a novel park instead of a conventional cremation ground. The deathcare infrastructure of India is going through a revolution powered by the efforts of like-minded entities and will work in the best interest of public welfare and new funeral management functions,” said Dr. Tuli, Deputy Health Officer, Central Zone, MCD.

Last Journey had previously unveiled its model crematorium in Delhi’s Sarai Kale Khan; built surrounding ample greenery the new Dwarka ground has a good green volume within it. There is an active funeral waste management system deployed to tackle the organic waste material overflow by recycling them as manure. Sustainable funeral practices such as the use of cow-dung pyre logs are also kept in the central focus of these crematoriums to minimize the overall carbon footprint. In addition to the new facilities, major areas of focus include – better hygiene and maintenance, and water management.